Let's talk shit!

Now this is a double entendre or double-sens!

And, no, I am not going to talk a load of rubbish! :)

I am going to talk about our toilet habits. Most will balk at the thought of discussing their private moments with anyone. However, this is a very relevant topic, as it affects a large number of people.

There are those who have a bowel movement daily, some every 2 days, others once a week.

Now going daily is a good thing, however, the formation of stool is an important factor.

Even if you go daily, it could be something you ate 3 days ago!

The transit time of how quickly food & waste moves through your system is important. Rural Africans on a mainly plant based diet, have a transit time of about 70 hours. As their diet is high in fiber and starch.

People tested in an old aged home, had a transit time of 2 weeks!

To test the transit time of your bowels, eat beetroot. The colour of beets will act as a dye. Then you will know how efficient your bowels are at elimination.

Mine has a transit time of less than 24 hours.

What!? I need to analyse my shit now?

You don't need to examine it if you don't want to. Though it is an important indication of gut health.

First, what is peristaltic activity or action? It is the contraction & relaxation of the muscles in the intestines and digestive tract, that moves food and waste along.

Secondly, a diet high in animal products, will create low-grade inflammation within the intestines a colon, leading to slower peristaltic action. Animal based products have no fiber and are acidic in nature. Diets high in meat & dairy products will then move slowly though the digestive tract, mix with liver bile, putrefies & will create toxic by-products, like fecal mutagens, to name just one very undesirable sounding outcome.

These toxic by-products will then inflame & irritate the lining of the digestive tract (most notably, the colon) and cause pre-cancerous inflammation and irritation. Because of how slowly these move through, some of these toxins will get reabsorbed into the blood stream. It then becomes a destructive cycle of the body naturally trying to eliminate waste, but the slow rate at which the bowels are moving, then sends the liver into panic mode to try and remove toxins by re-absorption. So if you feel like crap all the time, its because you are absorbing some of your crap!

Next, if it stinks to high heaven, then its because it has been putrefying in your system for a while! Not a pretty thought, but its the truth.

If you have trouble going, you need to increase your fiber and starch intake. Just having extra fiber can cause a blockage if other components like starch are not included. So it's not all just about having more fiber.

Difficulty going regularly, stool that is rock hard and difficult to pass, can also can issues like hemorrhoids or piles. I am sure no one wants to experience this, though many do.

You don't want to rely on creams, supplements or medication to help or relieve the symptoms. You need to tackle to root cause of this.

To cap it off, make sure you stay hydrated, increase your fiber & starch intake and lower of eliminate animal products.

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