Let's talk about fat!

Fat is not something we need to shy away from, if it comes from the right sources.

We need fat for our nervous system, cell membranes and our brain. Fat is also required to regulate, blood clotting, blood pressure, inflammatory and immune responses.

It is called "essential fatty acids" as our bodies don't produce it. Hence we need to get it from food.

Yes! I hear you say. "Fish oil!" "Krill oil!" "Cod liver oil!"

Wrong, wrong & wrong!

Please don't feel bad. It isn't your fault and this is not an abmonishment. Clever marketing over several decades, has made many believe that one can obtain Omega-3's from only fish sources. Besides the supplements, it's been promoted just about anywhere you can think of and on many products. From baby formula to other processed foods.

But what's wrong with fish oil? Fish is healthy, isn't it?

Not anymore. Our rivers and oceans are polluted with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), dioxins and mercury. Not forgetting microplastics. A consequence of our love affair with everything disposable just because it is convenient and industries dumping toxic waste into water bodies.

Well that convenience has come back to bite us!

These toxins build up in fatty fish. Fat aborbs toxins. Just like it does in pigs. Pigs don't sweat (sweating is one way to rid the body of toxins) and they eat anything they can find. So whatever toxins are in their food, gets stored in their body fat, which in turn gets consumed when we eat it.

The higher up the food chain the fish is, the higher the amount of contaminants it will have. Those contaminants are highly dangerous for us, especially for pregnant women, children, the elderly and women planning to get pregnant

Don't companies screen the products for contaminants? They say they do. Their position has always been that if there is are contaminants found, that batch will be ditched. However, that is a marketing tactic. Where are they sourcing their fish from? If they tell you that their fish is farmed and therefore free of contaminants, that again is another tactic. Farmed fish is no better. Firstly they will have less Omega-3's than their wild companions and more contaminants. Farmed fish are also fed fish oil, fishmeal and Omega-6 rich vegetable oils. Ocean fish are being fished to feed to feed livestock & farmed fish. How crazy is that?

What's more, did you know that fish actually get their Omegas from algae? So why not just go straight to the source and obtain your Omega 3's directly from a plant based source?

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