Help! I have eczema, migraines, acne, bloating, etc!!!

These complaints are all too common these days. One would have thought that with our continual 'progress' in the medical arena, few would be suffering from these.

In fact, the opposite is happening. More and more young people suffer from chronic health issues. The visible ones like eczema, acne, psoriasis can be particularly devastating because of how awful it looks. This can have a negative impact on one's confidence and mindset.

Medication does little to ease the suffering and appearance. Steroids may offer temporary relief. But what needs to be done, is education and a complete lifestyle change in how one eats on a daily basis.

The root cause of these issues are internal. We need to heal from the inside out.

The majority of people, eat whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like eating. No thought is given to what goes into the manufacturing of these 'food-like' products. The ingredients used are often synthetic and are deliberately used to cause addiction. Making us want to eat more and more. Hence the well known slogan of Pringles, "Once you pop, you can't stop."

The manufacturers may say that they do nothing to encourage anyone to eat their products and that it is all down to individual choice, however, they have teams of researchers and scientists to create flavours that work so well together and trigger the pleasure center of the brain, that causes many to just keep buying and eating.

Besides these synthetic ingredients and processed foods, our increased consumption of animal products also plays a huge part in our health.

We have been misled into thinking that we have to include them in our daily meals in order for us to be healthy and that we need the nutrients from these products for optimum health. Nothing cold be further from the truth.

Always choose real, minimally processed foods with ingredients you recognise.

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