Can I take supplements instead of eating fruit & veg?

We live in a time when we are overfed and under-nourished. Many of us have moved away from eating real, whole foods. Relying instead on processed 'food-like' products that offer zero nutrients. Even those who seem to be eat 'healthy', will be deficient in something.

Much of our produce is grown in nutrient depleted soils, so in order for us to get enough vitamins, minerals and enzymes, we will need to eat way more than we currently are.

There are certain scenarios when particular supplements may be needed. For example, on a vegetarian or vegan diet, B12 is essential as our bodies don't produce it. Even those who eat meat can be B12 or iron deficient.

The reason being is that most industrially farmed animals are reared in intensive feed lots, fed on grain and hay the majority of the time. This is not an optimal diet for them. So they are routinely given B12 supplements, in other words, you would be consuming B12 from an animal as a supplement.

B12 is made by microbes in the soil. So unless you grow your own fruit and vegetables in organic soil, we will need to take a supplement.

Other than B12, all other vitamins and minerals can be obtained from a well balanced plant based diet.

Or if living in a country that has short day light hours, then Vitamin D3 is a must.

Another point to note, is that vitamins, minerals and enzymes from plants are much more bio-available for us. Meaning that our bodies can absorb them better, because that is how we have been 'designed'.

Hence even those who take a multivitamin religiously, will still be deficient for the reasons stated below.

Ever wondered why your urine is bright yellow after taking supplements? That's because your body has not been able to assimilate most of the nutrients from the supplements. You are essentially flushing your money down the toilet.

The supplement industry is a multi billion dollar industry that essentially targets people's fear of ageing, heart attack, cancer, etc. No pill can replace eating a varied, well-balanced diet.

Although taking supplements have been found to show slightly reduced risk of cancer, it wasn't enough to advise someone to take supplements.

But what if I already eat a lot of fruit and veg? How can I ensure I get all the nutrients necessary for optimal health?

If you really want to take a supplement, I would recommend getting food based supplements from companies like

Bottom line is to stop wasting your money on synthetic vitamins and minerals that will just end up in the toilet, do little good health-wise and invest in eating well 90% of the time and only get food based supplements, if need be. #eatrealfood #plantpowerednutrition #nutritiontips #nutritionist #blogtips #healthyblog #wholefood

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