But there is sugar in fruit!!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Yes! There is sugar in fruit. However, it cannot be compared to the highly refined, processed sugar you find in almost all industrially produced 'food-like' products.

Fruit is one of the most healing and nourishing foods on the planet. And has been used for healing for thousands of years, until someone,

Trendy, impractical diet books, health experts (alternative & conventional), dietitians & nutritionist all fell for and convinced their clients / patients, that the sugar in fruit was to be avoided, except for a small handful of low G.I (glycemic index) berries.

Fruit has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vital water (that hydrates the body on a cellular level, which water can't)

We have access to more fruit, practically all year round, than we ever had before. And yet we are eating far less than we should be. The recommended 5-a-day is not met by most. Some don't even have 1 piece of fruit a week, let alone a day.

Our rates of preventable, chronic, lifestyle diseases have been on the rise over the last 40 years or so. Our care for health seems to have gone down the drain, with access to food being more easily available than ever at any time of day. Despite the fact that many are well-fed, most will have a nutritional deficiency of some sort.

Our bodies utilise the nutrients in fruit more efficiently than any pill. That is how our bodies have been designed. To extract nutrients from whole food.

So how much fruit should we eat? As much as you can! With as much variety as possible. Always eat fruit first thing in the morning for a multi-nutrient boost. Fruit digests very quickly, within 30 minutes or less. Hence, it must always be eaten before any meal. Never after. As it will sit above slower digesting foods and ferment. You will get little or no benefit from eating fruit this way. So don't have it as a dessert.

If you are not used to eating any fruit, start with one fruit a day for a few days. Your gut microbiome will need to adjust to this.

If you would like to increase that significantly from the word go, I recommend making a smoothie with it. As the blending process will break up the fiber and make the digestion process easier. By making a smoothie, you can consume a reasonably large amount in one sitting. Don't add any dairy, as that will slow down the digestion process and may render some of the nutrients worthless. Blend with some water, coconut water or some oat milk. You can also throw in some kale or baby spinach to increase your intake of greens.

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