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Single Sessions

Initial  appointment:

2-3 hours

Full consultation, reviewing questionnaire & 1 meal plan


1-2 hours

Discuss progress, any issues or questions, tweak meal plan, if required.


3 sessions:

This will consist of the initial appointment, 2 follow-ups for additional support & motivation. Plus any amendments to meal plan or recipes, if required. 

Valid for 3 months.*

5 sessions:

Consists of the initial appointment, 4 follow-ups, meal plan revision and additional recipe ideas. This is ideal for those who need a little extra help & motivation to reach their goals. 

Valid for 6 months.*

8 sessions:

Consists of the initial appointment, 7 follow-ups, 2 meal plans.  Besides the additional support, this plan is ideal for weight loss, those with chronic health issues, etc

Valid for 8 months.*

*Terms & Conditions apply

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All new friends who want to take charge of their health, will get 30%* off the initial appointment.  Those who decide to get the packages straight away, a one-time discount of 20%** will be applied.

*not applicable for follow up sessions

**applicable for new friends only :)

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For more information on what these sessions entail, please email

For you to be successful at achieving your goals, we look at more than just diet.  

Package Info

These packages are designed to be customised based on individual requirements.  Some clients will need a longer time to reach their desired goals, be it weight loss, healing from diet related skin issues, etc.  Some might just want guidance on doing a regular juice fast for enhanced detox. There is no one size fits all.  We are all individuals who's bodies work differently depending on a number of factors.  Unless you want to jump right in head first and change cold turkey, your progress will take a little time.  Please remember that you didn't get to this point in your health overnight.  It happened gradually, over years, till your body finally said, "Help!!"