Image by Jannis Brandt

I have decided to share some articles from other sources, that I think might be of interest.  Being well informed with the latest information and shattering well-ingrained health myths may not be everyone's cup of tea.  However, just because one hears something all the time, or if many people are incorporating certain aspects in their lifestyle regularly, doesn't make it true or correct.  Likewise, if someone is not following what many would consider as 'normal', doesn't mean it's a lie. 

Please feel free to do your own research.  This is how we learn and grow.  It allows us to make sure that we do our utmost for our own health and longevity.  We may not live forever, but we can ensure that we live and die as healthy as we can.  None of us wants to spend years on medication that just suppresses symptoms, instead of getting to the root cause.

Neither do we want to spend our last few weeks or months in a hospital bed, being tube-fed and supported by machines (unless we were somehow involved in an incident beyond our control), as that image will be with our loved ones forever.

Be open-minded and objective.  The articles or the blog shared on this site, are meant to show a different perspective to what we have been led to believe is true, when it comes to health.  Happy reading!

Image by Monika Grabkowska
Image by Mariana Medvedeva